This building dates from 1651 and was originally an inn, where people could go for the declaration of births and marriages, but where the barrister and aldermen also spoke justice to minor offenses in the polder. After a radical renovation, in which all the authentic features of this national monument were preserved, on 1 July 2011 Jakob Jongsma and Marja Koster opened a Bed & Breakfast with 4 rooms (including 1 family room), each with its own luxury bathroom, a cozy kitchen and breakfast room. From all points of view you look out on the water and the polder.
In addition, an old barn has been converted into an atmospheric holiday home (de Vlaardingse Schouw) for 5 people and since July 2016 the former pumping station (Pomphuis van Zouteveen) has been converted into a special guest accommodation for 4 people.

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