Midden Delfland, a paradise for nature lovers

in the vicinity of cities like The Hague, Rotterdam and Delft. Right in the middle of the Randstad conurbation you encounter a green world, where you can traverse a centuries old agricultural landscape on bicycle or on foot. Authentic farms, protected townscapes, the rare fenland area the Vlietlanden, the green polders that shape the unique Midden Delfland area together.

Here you can hear birds chirping, you can hear frogs croaking in the ditches, you can see cows in the meadow that stare in a friendly way at you and don’t forget about the beautiful cloud formations. Each season has its own beauty. In the autumn the wind blows across the plain and in the winter you are surrounded by an enchanting environment. In the spring and summer flowers, like cow parsley, buttercups and poppies, form a colourful decor.

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